Chandigarh pitch night 2018

TiECON 2018 is a great opportunity for the startups looking to raise capital and showcasing their products to a prolific panel of Angel investors, entrepreneurs and leading industrialists. Get an opportunity to pitch live in front of 1000 people.

Chandigarh Angels Network (CAN) is facilitating the Pitch Night at TIECON 2018. CAN is a community of successful entrepreneurs turned angel investors in India committed to invest into promising business and help them scale heights with their expertise.

CAN mainly focuses on facilitating angel investments into seed & growth stage ventures and while doing so it also helps many startups ecosystem picking up rapidly across the nation, being an angel investment network in India, we are doing our bit to the same by providing growth capital, bespoke mentoring and handholding to the startups wherever and whenever required.

There will be a LIVE shark tank format pitch session powered by Chandigarh Angels Network (CAN) on 9th march 2018. The selected startups will be given the opportunity to pitch live on the stage. Each startup will be given 10 mins for the business pitch followed by 10 mins for the Q&A with the panel.

Key requirements

Your pitch deck should include the below essentials:

  • What does your company do?
  • What is the underlying problem and how are you solving it?
  • What’s the business model?
  • What’s the underlying market opportunity?
  • What's the traction to date - Revenue, user, usage etc?
  • How will you scale up with investors money?

Note: Registration for TiECON Chandigarh is mandatory to apply for Startup Pitches!


If you want to raise funding from investors for your startup, the first step is to create a Pitch Deck.

So, what's a Pitch Deck ?

A Pitch Deck is a brief presentation which gives an overview of your business to the investors. For the purpose of funding, it gives potential investors a brief idea what your business is all about, what market you are adressing and the key metrics to track.

Feeling nervous about what to include and leave out?

Here is a sample Pitch Deck format approved by the investment committee at Chandigarh Angels Network (CAN).

Once you have your Pitch Deck ready and you've filled the above application form, send your Pitch Deck to .